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Ottawa Custom Orthotics engages in the sale of franchises.

Our clinics are involved in both diagnosing and of treating lower limb ailments by establishing a close relationship with a health care professional team approach comprised of doctors, chiropodists, footcare nurses and pedorthists.

OCO is capable of providing their franchises with established business systems, methodologies, resources, and programs already proven to provide value to customers. For the first time business owner it will become readily apparent that the training, start-up support, operating manuals, financial arrangements, on-going help, and franchise development all aid in the new owner’s ability to compete in an established industry.

Ottawa Custom Orthotics’ on-going support and continued development of the franchise system, the consistent brand marketing and positioning, and the enforcement of high operating standards all contribute to the lessening of risks associated with new businesses and allows the franchisee to concentrate solely on their own business.

OCO’s franchisees have a variety of important advantages over new independent businesses. The advantages optimize your chances of success and also help you enjoy your business more.

Established Track Record

You become a part of a proven system of operation. Ottawa Custom Orthotics Inc. offers a concept with products and services that have sold successfully. You have a history to learn from.

Faster Start

You have a shorter learning curve as a franchise owner, because you have assistance from OCO’s wealth of experience to draw upon in starting new operations successfully.

Less Risk

Your chances of failure are lower because of the experience, expertise, and proven resources which Ottawa Custom Orthotics holds and will provide the support needed to you and your business. Franchises succeed at the rate of 95%.

History: Ottawa Custom Orthotics Inc. located at the corner of Bank and Hunt Club and Orléans, is a merger of Comfy Soles Ottawa Inc., created in August 2013 and Hunt Club Footcare, which was established by Leon Kozliner in 2001. Lise Tremblay-Simard is now the Manager and Owner of the clinic, has been practicing Pedorthics since 1996 and is an active member of the Pedorthic Association of Canada and the College of Pedorthics of Canada.  She continues to pursue education in the field to improve her knowledge and abilities in Pedorthic Therapy.. The one common detriment and complaint from all three businesses was the lack of support and communication from their head office. This arrangement predispositions in making it very difficult and frustrating for the franchises to get any form of help after the initial start-up. Which makes it susceptible to various problems and creating very challenging times for new businesses to strive as they should.

Support: OCO’s head office is located in Ottawa, Ontario. What does that mean to you? We, the employees of OCO will help you set up, initial start-up support of the clinic, computer systems and programs, accounting, telephone help for a one year, bookkeeping, Pedorthic teaching in clinical and practical aspects and training for all other areas of your business. All information for staff, hiring/firing, training will be provided and guidance will be available if and when needed. With Lise’s experience in business and Pedorthics you will have all the support needed to make your business work and become profitable.

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