Many complications can be associated by diabetes. It disrupts the vascular

system, which can create severe problems to the feet.

Type I:

Considered as juvenile diabetes, usually associated with heredity

Type II:

Commonly referred to as adult onset diabetes due to poor diet

Peripheral Vascular Disease:

The narrowing of the arteries. This condition frequently leads to a significant decreased circulation, which contributes to the diabetic foot. The lack of oxygen and nutrition supplied to the skin and other tissues impairs the healing process.



Can cause insensitivity or loss of sensation to feel pain, heat or cold. Daily foot inspection is critical to decrease the chance of severe foot complication. Undetected minor cuts or blisters can result and lead to ulceration and possibly amputation.



Accommodating orthotics and properly fitted footwear to improve mechanical function of the foot to decrease the stress and pressure points on the foot.

Foot casting in box

Foot casting in box



Custom made insole fabricated to contour and support the arch of the foot and to accommodate any foot deformities. The orthotic allows the weight of the body to be distributed evenly along the foot, which decreases any point pressures, which prevents chances of blistering or callusing. By maintaining proper foot positioning with the help of orthotics and properly fitted footwear, the mechanical stress is being relieved and decrease the possibility of any point pressures.

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