Knee & Hip Pain



There are many different conditions that can create knee and hip pain such as arthritis, bursitis, softening or injury of the cartilage, injury and/or strain on the collateral ligaments, baker’s cyst, patella tracking and the alignment.



Wear and tear of the knee and hip joint caused by stress or injury. This creates overall pain in the knee and hip articulations.




Pronation of the flat foot or fallen arches creates stress on the inner portion of the knee joint. The foot rolls in causing the lower part of the leg to turn inward. This creates stress on the knee and hip joints.



Supination of the high arched foot causes strain on the outer part of the knee. The foot rolls out and the leg turns outward. This misalignment creates stress on the knee and hip causing wear and tear, damage and pain.



Custom foot orthotics to help improve the alignment and decrease strain on the articulations.


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