Custom Hand Crafted Foot Orthotics


Hand Crafted From Cast to Finish and Fabricated to Your Specific Needs

** Ready in 7 Days

* Plastic Orthotics – Full and 3/4 Length

* Rubber Orthotics – Aggressive, Medium or Mild Support – Hard or Cushioned

* Soft and Cushioned Orthotics – Full and 3/4 Length

* The Kozliner – Full Length with Combination of Plastic and Rubber

* For Daily Use, For Casual Wear & Sport Orthotics

* Relief for Pressure Areas and Ulcers

* Motion Control for In-Toeing and Out-Toeing

* Thin for Casual and Cobra for Dress Shoes

* Children Orthotics

We Can Accommodate Most Shoes

Running Shoes, Waking Shoes, Casual Footwear, Winter Boots, Safety Footwear, Dress Shoes,  Pumps, Sandals, Slippers, Skates, Ski Boots, Kleets

Our Services Include

* Complimentary lower limb assessment
* 3-Dimensional foot casting – Non weight bearing
* Hand Crafted From Cast to Finish Custom Made Foot Orthotics (not computer generated, not custom fitted or modified)
* Discounted prices for additional pairs
* Follow-up appointments included (4 weeks after purchase, yearly check-ups and every 6mts for children under the age of 16)

Our Warranty Includes: working with our clients until they reach comfort and satisfaction at no extra cost – Adjustments done on-site while you wait

Gait Analyses Report will be sent to Your Referring Health Care Professional and Given to You for Your Health Insurance Claims


Assessment AppointmentAsst

The initial appointment usually lasts approximately one hour. Lise will take the time to note your history, listen and then do a series of different tests to determine the underlying problem causing the pain. A full explanation and demonstrations of the findings will be shared and a discussion of possible therapies to resolve the condition(s).

Purchasing Custom Foot Orthotics

Custom orthotics are usually ready for pick-up seven days after the assessment appointment. The cost for one pair includes all the appointments involved. A follow-up will be scheduled for you 4 weeks after the pick-up.
All adjustments appointments and yearly check-ups are also included. We have an on-site laboratory; therefore they are fabricated and fitted by Lise.crafted4


Our Goal is to have you walk pain free and with comfort just like walking on beach sand. We will work with you until you are happy and satisfied with your orthotic therapy. We strive to give you the service you deserve.

To Schedule an Appointment

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