Prices and Services

Hand Crafted Custom Foot Orthotics


Custom orthotics are usually ready between 5 to 7 business days after the assessment appointment. The cost for one pair includes all the appointments involved.  A follow-up will be scheduled for you 4 weeks after the pick-up.


All adjustments appointments and yearly check-ups are also included. We have an on-site laboratory; therefore they are fabricated and fitted by Lise.


First pair – How much does it really cost to get comfort and be pain free?  Call our office to find out


Second pair on initial appointment – More than likely worth your time to ask


Third pair on the same day – Prefer to have several styles? or don’t like to switch from one shoe to shoe? might be worth your time to call and find out


Within 6 months of purchase of the first pair – Call our office and we will explain


One Year with Original Cast – Ask for your cast and save on fabrication


One or Plus Years with New Cast – Can be done – call our office and we will explain


**Most extended health care plans cover a portion of the cost for Custom Foot Orthotics plus are tax exempt with a detailed prescription from a medical doctor


Services Available at the Clinic. The Online Store is for Future Purposes Only. No Online Orders will be Fulfilled at this Time. Dismiss