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The majority of children’s feet will continue to grow, shape and form until approximately the age of 16.

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Assessments for Your Son
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Until such an age it is normal for the child’s foot to be flexible, low arched and somewhat pronated. However, if your child complains of pain, fatigue or doesn’t want or can’t participate in sports or simply play and follow their friends, you may consider to have them evaluated. There could be an underlying problem causing your child to be in pain or feel lethargic.

Because growing kids are also active, their muscles have a tendency to get strained, inflamed and sometimes injured. Soft tissue tends to grow slower than bone. Therefore it is crucial for an active child to stretch on a regular basis especially calf stretches.

If a child complains of knee pain it is usually caused by the alignment of the foot and the ankle. Because the muscles holding the arches are not fully formed or strong enough to hold, the foot will have a tendency to pronate creating stress on the knee. Another cause could be growing pains. This is usually described by the child to be a localized pain at the plateau, which is a straight bar below the articulation. Knee joint pain can also be due to an injury. Therefore an assessment and sometimes an x-ray or other images are required to determine the underlying cause for the pain.

What’s Included in Our
Custom Orthotics Services

Services for Kids Under
the Age of 16

Study: A 4 year old child complaining of chronic leg pain when walking. Her alignment at the ankle shows severe pronation and some in-toeing because of posterior tibialis muscle weakness and fatigue. With orthotics and supportive footwear we can achieve a better alignment. Wearing the support will allow her muscles to relax and regain strength in hopes of achieving a better alignment and decreasing strain on her joints and muscles for long term comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions

The assessment is complimentary and included in the price of the orthotics.  There’s no obligation to purchase.

The initial appointment usually lasts approximately one hour. We will take the time to note your history, listen and then do a series of different tests to determine the underlying problem causing the pain. A full explanation and demonstrations of the findings will be shared and discussed with you for possible therapies to resolve the condition(s).

Two to three pairs of well-worn footwear to see the wear patterns at the bottom and to give us an idea of the types of footwear you prefer. If you have a prescription or a recommendation from your physician, please bring it as well.

We can make several types of orthotics to accommodate your needs.

* Plastic Orthotics – Full and 3/4 Length
* Rubber Orthotics – Aggressive, Medium or Mild Support – Hard or Cushioned
* Soft and Cushioned Orthotics – Full and 3/4 Length
* For Daily Use, For Casual Wear & Sport Orthotics
* Relief for Pressure Areas and Ulcers
* Motion Control for In-Toeing and Out-Toeing
* Thin for Casual and Cobra for Dress Shoes
* Children Orthotics from Ages 3 and up

We Can Accommodate:

Running Shoes, Waking Shoes, Casual Footwear, Winter Boots, Safety Footwear, Dress Shoes, Sandals, Slippers, Cleats, Skates, Ski Boots

Your hand-crafted foot orthotics are created to your specific needs in our own laboratory and will be ready approximately 7 days after your initial assessment.

  • Complimentary lower limb biomechanical and gait analysis assessment
  • 3-Dimensional foot casting none weight bearing
  • Hand-Crafted Custom-Made Foot Orthotics (not computer generated, custom fitted or modified)
  • Discounted prices for additional pairs
  • Follow-up appointments included (4 weeks after purchase, yearly check-ups and every 6mts for children under the age of 16)
  • Adjustments as needed
  • A detailed gait analysis report sent to your referring health care professional (optional) and a copy for your health insurance claim

Our Warranty Includes: working with our clients until they reach comfort and satisfaction at no extra cost – Most adjustments are done on-site while you wait

You don’t require a prescription to get an assessment.  If you decide to purchase orthotics you will need a detailed prescription specifying custom orthotics and a reason why you require the orthotics to be eligible to claim reimbursement through your private health care insurance.  With a prescription you also save all taxes and if you don’t have extra insurance coverage you can claim the cost on your income tax.

Yes.  All our Pedorthists are fully certified under the Pedorthic Association of Canada and the College of Pedorthics of Canada and continue to pursue education in the field to improve their knowledge and abilities in Pedorthic Therapy.

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